Designing Success Inc. is rebranding as SocialBridge Technologies

SocialBridge Technologies: Software Solutions that Empower Resource Connections

[TEXAS, September 14, 2023] – Designing Success Inc., a renowned case management software company, announces it is rebranding as SocialBridge Technologies, Inc. on September 18th, 2023. This signifies a momentous new chapter in its history of serving social services organizations while reinforcing its commitment to innovation, leading-edge technology solutions, and outstanding client service.

SocialBridge Technologies, Inc. will leverage its market presence, resources, and expertise to facilitate social services agencies in efficiently and effectively serving those in need in their communities. The rebrand encompasses a comprehensive overhaul of visual identity, messaging, strategic direction, and investments to drive the delivery of software solutions for its clients.

Tracking At-A-Glance® (TAAG) and BridgeEze: Innovative Case Management Software Solutions

TAAG will continue to meet the needs of Public Housing Authorities with the case management software they’ve come to know and trust while social service organizations will now have access to a new innovative platform, BridgeEze. 

Key Features:

  • Web-based solution with cross browser compatibility
  • Accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets.
  • Program administrators empowered to customize options without the need for technical assistance.
  • Easy to navigate screens document assessments, household composition, employment information, referrals, plans, notes, and more.
  • Quickly compose and send bulk and individual email messages.
  • Send individual or group text messages; documented to client file.
  • Interfaces with various housing software vendors.
  • Robust internal reporting; no need for third-party software.
  • Relocation Module tracks relocations, auto-fills and auto-calculates HUD forms
  • Digital sign and send feature on contracts of participation (CoP) and the plan (ITSP)
  • Cloud-based solutions with cross browser compatibility
  • Accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets.

MyBridgeEze: Empowering Those in Need and Improving Social Service Organization Efficiency

Key Features: 

  • Empowers Applicant Access and Participation
  • Efficient Application for Services
  • Secure Multi-factor Authentication
  • Quickly Find Local Resources
  • Instantly Apply for Services
  • Upload and Store Documents

Doug Taylor, SBT’s President, projects the company’s evolution, saying, “SocialBridge Technologies represents an exciting new phase in our journey. With a new look, energized and very capable team, we are bringing innovative solutions to social service organizations, service recipients making it easier for them to assist those most in need of social advocacy. We are committed to providing unparalleled software and services and look forward to building lasting relationships founded on trust and successful results.”

Spurgeon Robinson, CEO, adds, “We are excited to unveil to the world the new identity of SocialBridge Technologies. Together, we are redefining what’s possible in enabling people to access social services and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of social services organizations.”

Explore SocialBridge Technologies and its offerings at They remain committed to delivering excellence, fostering growth, and helping recipients achieve success.

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